Bank event branding -Design for Bluestone Group – Branding a company event for Bank Hapoalim. 

Israeli Urbex​

Back to Blog page Israeli Urbex In 2012 I graduated my design studies at the Holon Institute of Technology. For my final project I chose my favorite subject, Urbex, which was not so well known in Israel at the time. In the project, I wanted to include works by Israeli photographers who photograph buildings for […]


MAPPO Mappo creates a unique discovery experience by adding culture-oriented content to city maps. The use of state of the art technology adds a new dimension to maps by showing Points of interest (POIs) generated from books, music, podcast and movies, to showcase destination culture. For this project I was asked to design the corporate […]

The Literary Collective

The Literary Collective The literary collective is an organization of eleven independent publishing houses with the aim of raising awareness of the existence of diverse independent publishers, tightening the relationship with the readership and quality literature, and encouraging fair trade. For this project I was asked to design the Collective’s online store.


SUN HR SUN HR specializes in hiring temporary and permanent employees and providing services to the leading companies in Israel.I was asked to design the company’s logo, color scheme and stationary. 


Loopy A happy and colorful logo design.

SBC Investments​

SBC Investments Sapir Barnovsky (SBC) is an Israeli company specializing in marketing and real estate investment consulting for private and institutional investors.The client came to me with only a logo and I was asked to create a whole brand language and redesign the company’s marketing materials.


locus Locus is an independent publishing house, focusing mainly on contemporary literature and modern classics. These are a few of the Facebook posts I designed for them.


Playground app -Designed for Brand New Studio- Playground is a Treasure Hunt kind of app, that draw its inspirations from games like TV’s The Amazing Race.The goal is to travel Israel, complete tasks with friends and eventually win great prizes. Mobile version

Mix it up

NEW MIXER mailer -For portfolio use only- Advertising the new Kitchenaid mixer, web and mobile version. Desktop version Mobile version